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I was there a fe
w years ago now,
did my diving wi
th Penguin dievr
s. I remember we
ll doing bells,
trying not to sm
ash my tank into
the wall while d
escending rapidl
y face first. Th
en stepping out
of the ledge int
o the deep blue
and immediately
beginning to sin
k. Thankfully th
e guide had gone
first and immedi
ately grabbed me
before I sank in
to oblivion, alt
hough by the sou
nds of it, I've
have more dives
under my belt an
d would have imm
ediately gone fo
r the inflate bu
tton without hes
sitation and giv
en it a couple q
uick bursts to s
top the sinking
and regain my bu
oyancy which I d
id anyway while
Hamdy was holdin
g me up. But tha
t initial sense
of vertigo when
stepping out int
o the blue is ex
hilarating! Also
, Clownfish are
er Deals Dave re
cently posted..