Document Wiskunde 2010

oh....I feel you so bad. It's as if you put my feelings into words. It's been 3 mothns and 2 weeks since I last saw him, he's on the other side of the world for 2 years. And I have my life in Europe, there's nothing we can do but to move on and trust the future. It is damn hard. It makes us sick. It is unfair and the timing couldn't have been any worse. I do believe it has a meaning, I do believe that if our love is strong enough, it will bring us together. If someone else is meant to be "the one" he will come along...But there's nothing really that anyone can say to make it hurt less, only time can heal. And when I look back at how I was 3 mothns ago, woooh...time really does heal...I still love him, I still miss him but finally I'm accepting life as it is and I can actually smile about it. Don't give up, don't try to forget the love you shared but maybe put it aside for a while...somehow. We all find our own little ways.bestK

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